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Mike Dixon, RMT’s incredibly amazing and successful manual therapy treatment for my “Frozen Shoulder” saved me from a painful surgery followed by months of physiotherapy and slow recovery thereafter. His professionalism, expertise in the “Frozen Shoulder” area, deep knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, and patient dedication resulted in my healing. ‘Frozen Shoulder” is a very debilitating, painful ailment that prevents a person from performing the most ordinary chores. This lack or absence of the range of motion takes away a person’s independence. Dependencies in other people may even lead to a form of depression.

Mike Dixon also carefully and methodically explained to me what the treatment would entail and tracked my progress almost every time I came for treatment. I had appointments for three times per week for three to four months. Since I am not a Canadian resident, my health insurance did not cover my treatments here. But as a TESTAMENT to my faith in Mike Dixon’s very effective progressive results, I shouldered the expense on my own, including the numerous trips between Vancouver and the US.

Prior to knowing about Electra Health Floor, I consulted with two reputable orthopedic surgeons in the United States for the treatment I needed. Both opinions opted for surgery. Also, more disconcerting, I was informed that after surgery, the possibility of it coming back may occur. Surgery was the furthest from my mind. Months earlier, I had surgery for a leg metal implant caused by an accidental compound fracture of my fibula and tibia. After a 3-week stay in the hospital, followed by at least six months of painful physio, and confined to a wheelchair, walker, crutches, I was desperate to find a treatment that did not entail surgery.

Lo and behold, by happenstance, my daughter recommended Electra Health Floor to me. With good fortune my appointment was made with Mike Dixon, RMT. This was the beginning of my successful healing from “frozen shoulder”. Today, I am fully functional. My restored range of motion has enabled me to perform chores as if I was never afflicted by it.

I have been beyond impressed and humbled by the level of service and attention I have received from Mike. I was immediately blown away by the level of attention I received from the initial phone call. This was the first time that I felt I was in good hands…there were no pressure or dramatization of my condition. If you are living with any kind of muscular skeleton pain, you know how debilitating and frustrating it is on your life…and I am absolutely indebted to Mike and his team for giving me my life back. Like most of us I mostly enjoyed reading peoples feed backs than writing my own, but this experience has inspired me for the first time. I’m so confident at the core principals of the management of this establishment that I AM willing to guarantee that you will be dealt with ethics and care. I am now pain free, active, and enjoying my life again…thank you…no amount of money will justify what you did for me…I wish you and your team nothing but success…you have my vote for life.

A Sadeghi

I am so very grateful to Mike Dixon for his incredible expertise, knowledge, and very professional treatments. There is something to be said about all of his attributes, particularly his 20-year experience in healing “Frozen Shoulders”. I almost felt like his treatment was an act of God (a miracle).

I highly recommend Mike Dixon, RMT. I would even go out of my way to provide feedback and reference to others.

Liza Lanzet
Las Vegas


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